My Post Cancer Glow Up Podcast. S:1 Ep:1

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Photo credit: Sara Amanda

Founder of The Time to Glow Up podcast Rebbecca Hemmings, launches the platform with the tale of her own glow up journey after her breast cancer experience in 2017. She also takes the time to explain who the podcast is for and why she decided to create it. It’s definitely worth a listen for all those looking to embark on their own transformative glow up journeys.

NB: I made a mistake! When talking about intermittent fasting I meant to say I fast between 6pm and 10am (not pm). I hope that makes far more sense.

The meditation book and app I refer to is called Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World (Includes Free CD with Guided Meditations) by Mark Williams and Danny Penman

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