Ask the Experts: Lockdown Hair & Beauty Tips S:2 Ep: 8

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Top left: Yinka Amure, bottom left: Monica Frempong, right: Nicola Christopher

Why shouldn’t I use Dax on my scalp! How do I get rid of ingrowing facial hair? What can I do with these hangnails? These were the type of questions, I Rebbecca, the host of the Time to Glow Up Podcast, had for my gorgeous guests: Yinka Amure – The Beauty Teacher, Monica Frempong of Official Hair 2 the Throne and Nicola Christopher owner of Niksology Clinic.

Being part of Kubi Springer’s The Boss Squad (a branding mentoring programme), we found that we become instant friends during the pandemic. Join in the camaraderie as we chat, laugh and educate on all things hair and beauty.

Find the ladies online…

Nicola – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at Niksology

Monica – Instagram, Facebook at Official Hair 2 the Throne

Yinka – Instagram The Beauty Teacher

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