“…abused, sectioned & diagnosed… but nothing is forever.” Latoya Brobbey – S:3 Ep:3

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This is a must listen for all. Hear socialprenuer Latoya Brobbey as she speaks candidly about her journey through abuse, divorce, being diagnosed used with bipolar disorder, being sectioned and more.

Knowing that Black people in the U.K. are 4 times more likely to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act compared to their White counterparts, this interview allows a rare look into what life is like for someone who has felt the full force of the U.K. mental health system and survived. Latoya beautifully offers an insight into her world when life got all too much and shares how she flourishes with love despite her troubled past and ongoing challenges with bipolar disorder.

Listen via the website: www.timetoglowup.co.uk or download the Apple Podcast or TuneIn Radio apps. Search for: Time to Glow Up and don’t forget to subscribe to automatically receive new episodes.

Find Latoya on Instagram and Facebook at: Latoyabrobbey.

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