Conversation with ‘Dear Sis’ Authors. S:4 Ep:4

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Have you read the book ‘Dear Sis’? It is a series of short stories about childhood from black women. When I picked it up, I was immediately captivated – simply because never before had I heard stories like these from black women on such a scale. I admire them for sharing their cautionary tales about parental abandonment, resilient yet vulnerable mothers, boyfriend troubles, social services and so much more – there is so much to learn from!

Immediately I invited 4 of the co-authors (Abigail Ohemaa Afriyie, Edith Wiredu, Monica Frempong & Lucy Ahatty) to speak about their experience. Listen to their fascinating journey to produce this book. Oh, and don’t worry, there are no spoilers in this episode. Go buy the book: Dear Sis: Childhood & Adolescence by Abigail Ohemaa Afriyie and co-authors from Amazon.  

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