The Sea Dip Challenge

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Upon my working holiday to Yogafit Retreats in Es Figural, Ibiza as a fitness presenter. Lindsay-Jay (the all fabulous wholistic powerhouse that co-heads up the retreat) challenged all to do something out of our comfort zones. My challenge to myself, was to do the organised sea dip challenge first thing in the morning. I had actually chickened out the first morning as I opened the hotel room door at 7:50am and it was not only dark but cold (how dare Ibiza). The second morning however, I felt compelled to go as I promised my daughter. She has very high expectations of me. 🙂

On the beach I was joined by a group of joyful ladies from Buckinghamshire who were also going for a dip. We were led by presenter Suzanne Boersma who assured us we had nothing to fear and that the sand we were standing on was colder than the sea. She was right.

Once in, I didn’t fear the cold as the water was lukewarm. I was more afraid of the incredibly powerful waves. They didn’t care who was in the way, they were determined to steamroll to shore regardless of what was in their path. At one point, a wave hurtled right over my head. It felt like a huge giant had embraced me from above and I had no choice but to yield and trust that I would be okay. Apart from getting a mouth full of salty water, I was fine, though a little shaken. That was enough for me. I had spent a good ten minute facing my fear, I was happy. My feet made their way over the tiny pebbles and back to the welcoming arms of the beach.

I was enjoying my triumph unbeknownst to me, a wave was heading towards me
The moment I was captured by the wave

One thought that comes to mind when I think of this moment, is a phrase I have heard author Glennon Doyle repeat many times “We can do hard things.” I didn’t go to the island to challenge myself. I went to work, connect with people I hadn’t seen for years and have some fun time with my daughter. However, once there I realised I was surrounded by beautiful souls from all walks of life, who shared the need to purge their angst, fear and pain from life experiences and experience happiness, joy and freedom on a deeper level. That desire was palpable and when I looked it was almost visible and therefore I couldn’t ignore the lure of the call.

The post dip celebration with the Buckinghamshire ladies

Little did I know that a few hours later, I would be sitting in a ice bath on that same beach… that’s for another blog.

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