Yogafit Retreats April 2022

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Yesterday I returned from my second working visit to Yogafit Retreats in Ibiza and just like the first one (last October), I can already tell you it has been transformational. I’m still processing it all, and will come back soon to tell you about thoughts I have had upon reflection. In the meanwhile, I just thought I’d share with you a tiny sample of the journey.

Soca dance fitness on the marina. Look at the vibe though!
The post SO Dancehall Fitness glow
October 21 I braved the Wim Hof ice bath led by Suzannae Boersma. Totally transformational!
The beauty of working here is that I get bring my daughter with me. It’s only a matter of time before she is teaching classes.
I love being a part of the instructor team. We are connecting through our journeys.
Su came over! If any of you used to attend my Streetly Zumba class, you might remember her. She dove right in and loved the experience.
The Strategising your Glow Up workshop led to people making some big decisions on which I hope to find out how they did in October. I forgot to take photos of this workshop this time (when it was much sunnier), this is from last October.

If this looks like something you’d be up for, there is another Ibiza trip coming up on 23rd – 30th October 2022 and I shall be there. Use my link to book, to get a 5% discount (the discount will be applied at the checkout).

See you soon.

Becks x

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