30 Day Lockdown Squat Challenge

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It’s simple, perform 100 squats per day for 30 days – that’s a 3000 squats!

We start on the day of the English lockdown: Thursday 5th November 2020 (not 2nd like I said in the video). Don’t worry if you’ve missed the start either. Just join in!

No one really wants another lockdown but here it is. Don’t sit and eat yourself out of this, instead, join in on the positive vibes and get fitter, stronger and healthier for Christmas. By the time you come out of this, you will have thighs and bums of steel!

Not only will you join others by sharing your images and videos of you taking part, but you will also get access to healthy recipes, fitness videos and lots of advice on staying fit and healthy. We will get through this together!

To join, simply request to access the Facebook group: Time to Glow Up. There is no fee, it’s totally free. Though I would love it if you could donate a little something to Break Cancer Now via this link. They helped me greatly when I had the disease in 2017.

Who am I?

I am Rebbecca Hemmings the Director of Time to Glow Up the personal development brand and podcast. As a certified coach and a personal trainer, I help women glow up (transform) from the inside out. I also run Strawberry Words training consultancy.

In 2017 I overcame my biggest life hurdle: breast cancer. I have used this experience to focus on glowing up (thriving post trauma) and living life according to my true purpose which is motivating and inspiring myself and others to live our best possible lives despite our adversities.

So, don’t wait, join in now!