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    My Glow Up.” From Grief to Greatness – Shelly Palmer. Ep:4 S:5

    I had the chance to catch up with one of the busiest ladies in fitness, Instagram celebrity Shelly ‘Fabulicious Fitness’ Palmer. We had an intimate conversation about how she dealt with the loss of a baby. Listen to find out how the TV programme Minder, helped to catapult her out of her sadness and into a fulltime career where she gets to share her wisdom with other women. Want to share this with others? Tell them they can listen via the website: www.timetoglowup.co.uk or download the Apple Podcast or TuneIn Radio apps or Amazon Music. Search for: Time to Glow Up and don’t forget to subscribe to automatically receive new…

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    Conversation with ‘Dear Sis’ Authors. S:4 Ep:4

    Have you read the book ‘Dear Sis’? It is a series of short stories about childhood from black women. When I picked it up, I was immediately captivated – simply because never before had I heard stories like these from black women on such a scale. I admire them for sharing their cautionary tales about parental abandonment, resilient yet vulnerable mothers, boyfriend troubles, social services and so much more – there is so much to learn from! Immediately I invited 4 of the co-authors (Abigail Ohemaa Afriyie, Edith Wiredu, Monica Frempong & Lucy Ahatty) to speak about their experience. Listen to their fascinating journey to produce this book. Oh, and…

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    “I’m Proud.” Black Sci-Fi Fantasy Author Sandra E. Carter. S:4 Ep:3

    In this episode, I speak to author of ‘Kettorah and Autumn Scrolls of Light’ Sandra E. Carter.   From her early beginnings as a rap artist in Birmingham, to now an established writer, Sandra frankly describes her fight to overcome her learning disability to go on to become one of the 4% of Black writers in the sci-fi fantasy genre. Definitely an inspiring listen. Want to share this with others? Tell them they can listen via the website: www.timetoglowup.co.uk or download the Apple Podcast or TuneIn Radio apps or Amazon Music. Search for: Time to Glow Up and don’t forget to subscribe to automatically receive new episodes. https://ia601501.us.archive.org/35/items/im-proud.-black-sci-fi-fantasy-author-sandra-e.-carter.-s4-ep/Final%20Edit.mp3Podcast: Play in…

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    “…Terrified but Went for it Anyway” Yvette Browne S:4 Ep:2

    I was so blown away and humbled as I heard Yvette Browne’s journey from an unsupported child with rock-bottom self-esteem to an at-peace, confident woman taking risks to reach her potential. Throughout her life she has battled: teachers who called her ‘thick’, her dyslexia, anxiety and major self-doubt. However, despite her challenges, she always found a way to tune into the quiet but persistent whisper that told her ‘I know you’re scared but take the risk anyway.’ Yvette is now a highly sought-after therapist with a book on the way. She feels more self-assured than ever. Trust me, everyone needs a little Yvette in their lives. If you’re looking to…

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    10 Ways to Cope with Difficult Times S:4 Ep: 1

    We are arguably at the worst time in this corona virus pandemic. The highest number of people are dying daily. We are being told to not socialise, shops and businesses are being closed, we cannot live life as we would normally, all to protect us from the impact of the virus. Many will not have had to deal with such upheaval and change in their lives before and therefore will not have the tools to deal with such difficult times. Therefore, this episode offers ten ways that you can work on calming the mind and dealing with difficult times. I make lots of book recommendations, so be sure to be…

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    21 Lockdown Glow Up Activities to Improve your Mood S:3 Ep:5

    England is experiencing yet another lockdown and people are feeling that Covid 19 Anxiety. Somehow, mentally it seems people are feeling this one more than the first. So, what can you do to stop feeling lonely, bored, frustrated, sad etc? I (Rebbecca Hemmings and host of the podcast) have come up with 21 different activities you could be doing from, playing with new hairstyles to pleasing yourself – yes I wrote it; we’re all grown here. There will be something you can indulge in to help make the days more manageable, I promise. Listen via the website: www.timetoglowup.co.uk or download the Apple Podcast, Amazon Music or TuneIn Radio apps. Search…

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    Could you be on the Time to Glow Up Podcast?

    After a short break, recording will resume. If you have been through major adversity such as an illness, a divorce, grief etc.. and you are now thriving despite that experience, get in touch! Contact me via the Time to Glow Up Podcast page on Instagram or scan the QR code. NB: Not everyone who puts themselves forward will feature on the show.

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    “She’s not Coming to School Ever Again!” Annetta Paps-King S:3 Ep: 4

    “She’s not coming back to school again.” These searing words are branded into the mind of Annetta Paps-King, co-founder of charity Sponsor a Gambian Girl. At the age of 14 her Gambian friend was ripped from the education system to get married to an older man and live a life of servitude. This practice still takes place in some Gambian tribes. In this episode Annetta details some of the harrowing experiences some girls endure and how the charity is helping to develop empowered, educated and liberated women leaders of the future. **This episode is not suitable for children.** Learn more here: https://www.saggfoundation.org/ Listen via the website this website (see link…

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    “…abused, sectioned & diagnosed… but nothing is forever.” Latoya Brobbey – S:3 Ep:3

    This is a must listen for all. Hear socialprenuer Latoya Brobbey as she speaks candidly about her journey through abuse, divorce, being diagnosed used with bipolar disorder, being sectioned and more. Knowing that Black people in the U.K. are 4 times more likely to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act compared to their White counterparts, this interview allows a rare look into what life is like for someone who has felt the full force of the U.K. mental health system and survived. Latoya beautifully offers an insight into her world when life got all too much and shares how she flourishes with love despite her troubled past and ongoing…

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    The Colourism Conversation

    It’s BEEN time for THAT conversation. Choreographer Ronke Fadare and health and wellness specialist Kara Thomas join host Rebbecca Hemmings to discuss colourism. This is often a taboo subject in Black and Asian communities. How does your skin tone affect your life experience as a black woman (in particular) and what can you do to stay balanced and well in the face of the wrath of colourists? Tune in to find the answers to these questions and more. Listen via the link below or the Apple Podcast or TuneIn Radio apps. Search for: Time to Glow Up. https://ia601400.us.archive.org/1/items/the-colourism-conversation/Colourism%20full%20interview.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Email | RSS