Glow Girl Life Lessons Videos

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These videos are accessed when you join the Time to Glow Up Now online course. Find out more about the content of the videos here.

The Internal Glow Up

Starting from the Inside – Identifying the problem

There will be a reason behind why you are not where you want to be. A true transformation cannot take place if questions are not asked about what is behind this. This session looks at how emotional wounds/past disappointments/low self-esteem etc.. and their detrimental impact and how to begin to get help. It allows you to understand how the brain works in time of emotional distress and what you can do it about it. It’s all about healing and beginning the process of emotional clean-up. Without this vital stage, a glow up can never truly be realised. This starts the process of truly understanding and working on loving and accepting oneself.

Making your heart sing – Creating the vision

Understanding what makes you happy and how to achieve that is vital. This video explores the emotional and psychological benefits of happiness and how is truly reached. It will take you through a process of work to identify the activities, environments, people and places that make you truly happy. It also covers how the emotional brain (the limbic system) works and how to manage it to help deal with difficult situations, so you can spend more time experiencing pleasurable feelings.

The External Glow Up

Blissfully Working on Work – Creating the plan

Most of our life is spent on working to earn money. When was the last time you took the time to assess your happiness levels at work? Whether you work for someone else, you have your own business or wish to begin a new venture or career, this session guides you through a process of change. It asks the questions that can lead to making powerful change: What drives you to do the work you do? What do you really want to do? What would make you bounce out of bed to do every morning?

By delving into factors that drives human behaviour and motivation, this session encourages you to do some deep thinking using academically researched models. The result will be a careful designed plan aimed at moving into work that makes you feel content, suitably challenged and joyful on a daily basis. 

Crafting Beautiful – Designing your look and feel

External beauty for most women is crafted and this is a wonderful thing. We can all enhance our natural looks through taking care of our skin and hair, applying make-up, wearing accessories, etc… This lesson offers quick and easy ways into knowing what works well for you. At this stage we know the importance of accepting and loving who you are from the core. This is about how we enhance and decorate the proverbial ‘new home’. How we look DOES matter. It effects how we feel about ourselves and rightly or wrongly, how the world perceives us. This session gives you space to think about how you want to physically show up in the world and helps you to create a plan to improve on that.

Making healthy eating work for you – Creating a bank of healthy eating habits and recipes

We all know that we should be eating healthily and working out to stay fit and healthy, but how can you do this in a way that not only makes the actions we take become habits but also enjoyable? This video shares techniques to help you think about your motivation for eating healthily. How to make healthy food taste great.

It also looks at the benefits of intermittent fasting on your health. Learn more about the process of autophagy and how it helps to rid the body of old and diseased cells.

Slaying physical activity – Knowing what fitness activities work for you long-term

This looks at the importance of fitness on our health outcomes, how to find workouts that maximise on time and effort, which exercises lead to the best results and how to make physical activity fun or at least easier to fit into a busy life. It is a fact that being physical fit improves your life chances. Therefore, making peace with this knowledge and finding ways to fit physical activity in without fighting with the thought, can only be in your best interest. This session helps you to create a plan to make fitness a stable part of your life.