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    “…abused, sectioned & diagnosed… but nothing is forever.” Latoya Brobbey – S:3 Ep:3

    This is a must listen for all. Hear socialprenuer Latoya Brobbey as she speaks candidly about her journey through abuse, divorce, being diagnosed used with bipolar disorder, being sectioned and more. Knowing that Black people in the U.K. are 4 times more likely to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act compared to their White counterparts, this interview allows a rare look into what life is like for someone who has felt the full force of the U.K. mental health system and survived. Latoya beautifully offers an insight into her world when life got all too much and shares how she flourishes with love despite her troubled past and ongoing…

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    Ask the Experts: Lockdown Hair & Beauty Tips S:2 Ep: 8

    Why shouldn’t I use Dax on my scalp! How do I get rid of ingrowing facial hair? What can I do with these hangnails? These were the type of questions, I Rebbecca, the host of the Time to Glow Up Podcast, had for my gorgeous guests: Yinka Amure – The Beauty Teacher, Monica Frempong of Official Hair 2 the Throne and Nicola Christopher owner of Niksology Clinic. Being part of Kubi Springer’s The Boss Squad (a branding mentoring programme), we found that we become instant friends during the pandemic. Join in the camaraderie as we chat, laugh and educate on all things hair and beauty. Find the ladies online… Nicola…

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    Time to Glow Up Quiz

    Host and founder of Time to Glow Up, Rebbecca Hemmings leads this fun quiz all based around the concept of the glow up. Test your knowledge on all things related to transforming glowfully. This includes questions on health, fitness, personal development, beauty and fashion. Play on your own or with friends. You can do it over Whatsapp, Zoom or have a House Party. How ever you do it, it’s sure to bring a smile on your face and some tips to advance your glow up.  https://ia601509.us.archive.org/12/items/time-to-glow-up-quiz/Quiz%20Final.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Email | RSS

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    Your June Sarpong Moment Awaits You

    For those who do not know, I am a former tv and radio presenter. I worked as the presenter for the Wassifa Caribbean Show on Big Centre TV ( a local West Midlands based channel) and presented the Drive Time show on News Style Radio community radio station in Birmingham. I share this photo (taken in 2018) when I was in the midst of my recovery, I was blessed with an interview with June Sarpong MBE at her ‘Diversify’ book launch. Though I was filled with crippling anxiety and nerves, I knew I was on the way back because I was back doing something I loved immensely once again and…

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    The doctor gave me a death sentence; I climbed Kilimanjaro. Sophie Grace Holmes

    Ultra-endurance athlete, fitness model and speaker Sophie Grace Holmes was born with the (often) life-limiting disease cystic fibrosis. At age 19 her doctor told her she would was going die very soon. Now aged 29, Sophie is proving that having a determined mindset, a full appreciation of life and by taking consistent action to stay healthy and well, anything is possible. Listen to her incredibly inspiring journey on this episode. Keep up with Sophie’s journey here. NB: this episode was recorded a day after the TV presenter Caroline Flack sadly took her own life. Reference is made to this but her name was not mentioned. https://ia801409.us.archive.org/14/items/sghinterviewfinal/SGH%20-%20Interview%20-%20Final.mp3Podcast: Play in new window…

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    “I didn’t Beat Cancer to be in this Mundane Job” Rachel Johnson S:1 Ep:5

    Be inspired by how Rachel dealt with the brutalising effects of radiotherapy to treat her head and neck cancer at age 28. Losing her hair and having a blistered and burned face from the radiotherapy, left Rachel a virtual recluse but she found a way to rise again. Hear and be inspired by her remarkable bounce-back story https://ia601408.us.archive.org/12/items/rachelsinterviewfinal/Rachel%27s%20Interview%20-%20Final.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Email | RSS

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    Following Your Yes. Interview with Lindsay Jay S1: Ep:2

    Fitness presenter and Yogafit Retreat co-director Lindsay Jay talks with host Rebbecca Hemmings about her physical and emotional journey from the hustle and bustle of the UK, to the serene shores of Ibiza Spain. Driven by a desire of a better life for her son, Lindsay has said ‘goodbye’ to fear and has embraced love as a state of being. https://ia601508.us.archive.org/14/items/lindsayjaypodcastinterview/Lindsay%20Jay%20Podcast%20Interview%20Absolute%20Final.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Email | RSS

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    Daring to go Against the Grain

    This Christmas, my daughter and I did something very different; we visited Ireland and climbed a mountain! Okay, so I later discovered it’s actually officially a hill, but since the height, rough terrain and steep gradients proved such a magnificent challenge, I am happy to remain blissfully ignorant. We conquered Mount Bray! Let’s rewind. Last Christmas I made a promise to myself that we would not have another simply ‘just okay’ Christmas. You know the one that looks like: Wake-up – open presents – watch boring TV – consume copious amounts of food – watch more TV – play games with the family – sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I…