Time to Glow Up Now Online Course

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What is this Time to Glow Up Now! thing?

Time to Glow Up Now! is a 6-week online course that guides women through their glow up journey.

The full package includes:

  • Glow Girl HIIT workouts per week
  • Glow Girl Life Lessons Videos (weekly)
  • 6 weekly Zoom based group mentoring session (every Sunday evening)
  • Glow Up tasks and challenges
  • Glow Girl Weight Loss Manual
  • Workout plans
  • SO Dance Fitness Boot Camp Online workout
  • Glow Girl Recipe Booklet
  • Glow Girl booklist

In recent times, we have had to be more conscious of our health, mental wellbeing and future direction more than ever. Covid 19 has shone a harsh light on the importance of being at a healthy weight. Staying indoors, not socialising and nor travelling has meant having to finding ways to cope with this new normal. You might be considering making major changes in your life as you have been given the time to think.

Now is THE perfect time to assess your life and improve it. As women we can often put our needs on the back burner, but how often does this really work for us? The Glow Up is an internal to external transformation. It involves cleaning up emotional scars, sweeping clean baggage that weighs you down (including relationships, toxic environments, food and behaviours that no longer serve us).

It prompts you to think about your life’s path – your career, business, relationships, your dreams and ambitions. It allows you time to assess your health and fitness levels so you can work towards being the healthiest version of yourself.  It’s about making room for real joy and happiness to enter your life and then having fun as you grow in confidence to play with your looks (fashion, make up, hair etc) so that you walk out of your front door each morning with confidence.

This is truly about all about taking the time to nurture and develop yourself wholeheartedly.

Me in 2010 & 2020

How do you know it works?

Because not only have I managed to turn my life around after having breast cancer in 2017 by focusing on me, working through my low self-worth, eating and working out better, turning my once dying business into a successful flourishing one (where I am now working globally), having great relationships and… what can I say? My body is the best it has ever been!

But, I couldn’t really sell a programme that was solely based on my own success. For the last 25 years I have worked with women on personal development, fitness, weight loss and coaching programmes all designed to help them become the best version of themselves. I am a qualified coach, a personal trainer and gym fitness instructor.

Equally, I am an avid reader and have become quite knowledgeable on the psychology of human beings. I am fascinated by why we do what we do and by learning methods to help us to succeed in life. This programme takes all that knowledge and puts it into one convenient little package for you to get the best of that learning in a short space of time.

I have included a few testimonials from people I have recently worked with either on through coaching or my fitness work. See them below.

What do I get when I sign up?

You have a choice of three packages:

Glimmer  Sparkle  Dazzle  
2 Glow Girl HIIT workouts per week (live)2 Glow Girl HIIT workouts per week (live) 

6 weekly Glow Girl Life Lesson videos

Glow Girl Health & Fitness Manual     
2 Glow Girl HIIT workouts per week (live)

6 weekly Glow Girl Life Lesson videos

6 weekly Zoom based group mentoring session (every Sunday evening)  

Glow Up tasks and challenges    

Glow Girl Health & Fitness Manual  

Workout plans  

SO Dance Boot camp online video

Glow Girl Recipe Booklet

Glow Girl Booklist
(only £3.16 per session)
£57.99£79.99   (Full value £450)

Start date: Monday 11th January 2021

How do I sign up?

You can do that right here.


I would like more detail on the videos

Sure, here you go… Click on the image.

So how does it work practically?

Glow Girl Life Lessons Online

Every Monday morning (GMT) you will be sent a link to a video, tasks and resources. Each video will contain a research-based Glow Girl Life Lesson. The idea is for you to gain knowledge and tools that you can utilise far beyond the life of this course. The lessons will help you to understand the reason why change is important, the factors that lead to success and ultimately how you can make changes that will enhance the quality of your life. You will also be set tasks so that the course becomes meaningful and helps you to reach your goals. These sessions are accompanied by the Glow Girl Booklist, weblinks and more, all to aid your learning and progress.

Group mentoring

Also, on every Sunday evening (for the 6 weeks) at 8:15pm – 9:15pm (GMT), you will be invited to join a Zoom group mentoring session. This is where you can ask questions, gain further information on that week’s life lesson, meet others on the journey and learn from one another.

Weight Loss & Fitness Support

As if all of that wasn’t enough to get you going, you will be sent a link (if you choose the Dazzle option) to the SO Dance Boot Camp video by me and friends, the Glow Girl Health & Fitness Manual (a proven system to help you lose weight and keep it off). This includes a comprehensive healthy eating guide and links to workout videos by me.

You said you had testimonials?

I sure do!

 “Thank you Becks for thinking up this challenge in the first place and keeping us all motivated throughout with your authentic enthusiasm, smiles, pep talks, tips and daily check-ins . This has kick-started me back to my regular HIIT workout routine after I had stalled for a few weeks, so I will definitely be keeping this up now..!”

Dr. S. Lee 2020

“Each session has felt professional, has relevantly covered topics needed, has been on time with clear audio and visual since face to face meets are not advised during our current pandemic and flexibility was exercises when I needed one of sessions rearranged. Overall a really helpful programme at an extremely pivotal point for myself.”  Miss L. Littleton 2020

My coaching sessions with Rebbecca helped me when I needed it most. I had very little direction and I needed challenge in my life. Through my mentoring and coaching sessions, I gained the confidence to apply for the job of my dreams, and I got it! She got me to see my value in my skills and experience and then she helped me to build the confidence to walk through the interview like a superstar. I am truly grateful and highly recommend her services.”

Mr. Gray 2020

“Thank you so much for setting this challenge Becks! Thank you & the group for all your motivation…I have really enjoyed it & shocked myself-I did it! This challenge has definitely given me the boot in the booty I needed!! I have moved so much more this past 30 days & I want to continue because I can, I’ve just proved that to myself, I can do it!! Becks you are amazing, I really admire you for your energy, positivity & mindset…thank you.”

Miss S. Overson-Lowe 2020

SO Dancehall – a Fitness Masterclass I ran in 2014

“Thank you for the business consult on expanding my PT services to an online platform.
Your advice has helped me make a plan of action and in fact made the whole process feel less daunting. The information was clear and immediately actionable !
I now feel a lot more confident
in making that transition with my clients.
A vital help at a time when us PTs have no source of income from gyms with Covid19 upon us.
You’re a gem within the industry.

Miss F. Abowath -2020

Thanks, so where do I sign up again?

Right here: